The new (ab)normal

Yiannis Galanopoulos

Views from Ex-Patria concerns global trends of migration and border politics. I have been an expatriate since 1998. For the first time, I feel grounded in one place, while countries close borders for fear of the other, the non-national who carries COVID-19. I am shattered, as I witness the demise of global mobility, a life ideal I have treasured. Time and place are at a standstill during the pandemic. Self-confined in my Plato’s cave, life does not feel real. These works show views from my balcony, where I experience what is lost from the open world I once believed in. Their surface conveys my fainting hope for reconciliation and masks rather than reveals my resentment against mandatory lockdowns, the fear of others and post-human disembodied interaction.  

About the artist

Yiannis Galanopoulos is a Greek visual artist and university professor. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in UAE, Europe, China, the USA, Australia and Japan. His works are in private and public collections. He holds an assistant professor’s position at the Zayed University, while being a Ph.D. candidate at RMIT.