Ye Liu, Dreaming V, 2020, Digital photography, Dimensions variable “Don’t run so fast that I not only forget where you are but also where I will go, Let me reach to you and have a dream about tomorrow.”
The new (ab)normal

Ye Liu

“I want to escape from this the window, reaching the nature and having a dream about tomorrow. I wish outside my window there is ……”

“Dreaming” is a belonging project, which traces the psychological impacts of dwelling environment and isolated experience during COVID-19 upon the public, then invites public to provide a distance care by sharing journey stories via social media. These digital images of windows with virtual views are the recording of their longings and dialogues.

About the artist

Ye Liu (Chinese, b.1994), a student at RMIT, is focusing on social engagement practices. Ye’s art connects issues of the environment with social engagement, to explore how creative practice to illuminate the value of communities as well as create affective engagement with environmental problems.