The Thing in the Garden (2020), iPhone photographs and videos of sculptures in the back garden.
The new (ab)normal

Steven Rendall

The work is photographic and video documentation of sculptures that have been assembled at home. They are made of various scavenged materials, two are just under 2 meters high; one is on casters; another is made from an office chair – this might be thought of as the future tense of an office chair. I use an iPhone 6 in various light conditions, with the ‘pano’ function to warp the sculpture into stranger forms. Whilst the physical sculptures are interesting it is the possibilities of this expanded documentation that intrigues me – a documentation that creates strange new forms and presences that are ideally suited to the computer or smart phone screen. 

About the artist

Steven Rendall (b. UK 1969). Currently lives and works in Australia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Leicester Polytechnic/DeMontfort University, (Leicester 1990 – 1993), Rendall undertook Post–graduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools, (London 1993 – 1996). He completed a PhD at Monash University (Melbourne 2016). He is represented by Niagara Galleries.