The new (ab)normal

Sofi Basseghi

These video stills are representative of a body of video work entitled Ripples from the Unseen which is the title of a major solo exhibition that was scheduled to show at The SUBSTATION from July-Sept 2020, it is now postponed to 2021. The video works reveal lived experiences of women with Persian lineage living in Australia and women currently residing in Iran interwoven with mystical and fictitious narratives.  


Through a window, a sparrow’s song. (2020) 3min dual screen video

Salme (filmed 2020 – cont)

Elysium (filmed 2019 – cont)

Elusive Paradise (2018) – video still installation view

Ascending Voices 2017 – Video Still of installation view

Fog of an expected existence 2017 – video still
Sofi Basseghi 

About the artist

Sofi Basseghi is a visual artist in Melbourne, Australia. Her lens-based work traverse real and fictitious stories born of lived experiences arising from the complexities of the cultural, religious, superstitious and social climate people find themselves in. Her work challenges and questions inflicted boundaries. Her most recent art works reveal narratives of resistance created in collaboration with women living in Iran and in diaspora.