S.Chandrasekaran, Voice of the Dead (excerpt), 2020, Video , Duration: 3mins 20 secs.
The new (ab)normal


COVID-19 is an invisible enemy. It has taken the lives of the innocent ones. Thus, causing the loved ones to cry. The crying of the loved is the voice of the dead which depicts the loss, fear, and unknown silence that we facing as part of our everyday reality. 

S.Chandrasekaran, Voice of the Dead, 2020, Video , Duration: 3mins 20 secs

About the artist

S.Chandrasekaran has represented Singapore in major exhibitions and international conferences.  Currently, he is Head of McNally School of Fine Arts at LASALLE, College of the Arts.  He is a Founder/Artistic Director of Biological Arts Theatre (BAT), which is a new media experimental theatre for Life Science, and Arts. His research interests are Cross-Cultural Studies, Asian Aesthetics, Life Science and Experimental Theatre .