Pie Bolton, Bed as Desk, 2020, text
The new (ab)normal

Pie Bolton

I had to close my studio to the public during the pandemic, but the virus allowed growth in other ways. This text summarises my facts, actions and observations during this viral time. The text is in a list form of about 300 words. The text is separated into family facts, followed by home and studio actions and observations. These are random thoughts I have had over the last six weeks, collated into some sort of order. The simplicity of text reflects the simplicity of my viral life, which I hope extends beyond the lifting of restrictions. 

Six adults in the house 
One going to work 
Four working from home 
One gaming 
Two compromised immune systems 
Crohns, prostate cancer 
Mother in law diagnosed with bowel, liver and bladder cancer in first week of lockdown 
Operation, followed by stroke 
Bladder cancer diagnosis retracted 
Chemo, radiation 
She feels squiffy 

Split household to reduce possibility of transmission 
One going to work, one working from home, one gaming 
Three working from home 
Implement ‘bed as desk’ 
Pick up four retro orange chairs off neighbour’s hard rubbish 
Dog becomes focus 
Break lock on external bedroom door 
Buy bread mix 

Blinds stay up all day and all night 
I want the outside inside 
Too many people walk past the front of our house 
It is Friday or Thursday 
Dog learns new tricks 
Do not make bread 
Bedroom door opens to verandah now 
Decide ‘bed as desk’ should be a permanent thing 
Sun creeps over to cover entire bed 
Dog fur and grit cover entire bed 
I like iso 

Order clay  
Manufacture hand sanitiser 
Make mountains 
Sleep in the studio for a week with sore throat 
You are sick, do not go home 
Get up on the roof 
I do not want to go home 
Make tea 
Drive scissor lift around 
Repot all plants 
Eat jalepeno lentil chips 

It is a mess 
I love it 
There are more birds 
There are no people 
Clay is delivered 
Light is special 
Veggie garden going nuts 
Birds eye view from scissor lift 
Have kilns to myself 
Smile every time I see the orange retro chairs 
I like iso 

About the artist

Pie Bolton is a contemporary ceramic artist working on Bunurong country in Melbourne, Australia. She is a PhD candidate at RMIT and was employed as the ceramic technician there for many years. She recently founded The Kiln Room, a fully equipped ceramic studio, hosting a firing service, workshops, artist studios and AIR program.