The new (ab)normal

Phil Edwards

The works I have been making in Covid-19 isolation were not planned but seem apt. They were made from hundreds of automatic drawings in sketchbooks and notebooks and altered recordings of silence. The automatic drawings intend to explore the unconscious in the same way a Rorschach inkblot might, revealing everything and nothing simultaneously.  “Silence” does not exist. There is always noise, even in the most silent places. Some “silences” were recorded, amplified, filtered and fixed as noise in QR codes on digital collages of the automatic drawings. 

The series is titled “repetition AND absence”. 

Phil Edwards, “repetition AND absence “, 2020, digital print, dimensions variable

About the artist

I am a lecturer in Painting in the SOA RMIT. I have an extensive history in cross-disciplinary painting-based practices with an emphasis on synaesthesia and with particular reference to the intersections of sound and vision.