Pennie Jagiello, ‘What we leave behind: heirlooms of the Anthropocene #5’, 2019-20. Photo credits: Ruby Aitchison; Bewley Shaylor
The new (ab)normal

Pennie Jagiello

While this pandemic began with anxiety, this was soon outweighed by many positives.  A new teaching position redeveloped into online delivery, and further teaching engagements provided invitations to design new online classes. There have been challenges such as home schooling, however this time has enforced my own technological advances, an area I would not normally extend myself to develop. Made Worn, an exhibition I was invited to be in was postponed due to Covid-19. This led to an increased on line presence to maximise social media around this event.  My own arts practice continues in my home studio, and an overabundance of found materials collected around Australia allows to me to continue making from home without having to leave! 

About the artist

Pennie Jagiello completed a MFA at RMIT titled “Remains to be seen, worn and heard: an inquiry into anthropogenic debris investigated through contemporary jewellery objects’’. Her established professional practice and ongoing research investigates the objects we use and discard, and the environmental consequences of unsustainable practices conveyed through one of the oldest universally practiced creative mediums, jewellery and adornment.