Peng Liu & Lan Lan, Walking in the memory-1 , 2020, 210X297mm
The new (ab)normal

Peng Liu & Lan Lan

Lan and I were going to have our first dual exhibition in the United Kingdom in May 2020, which has been suspended due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic. For this scheduled exhibition, we had done a lot of research and several field studies overseas to produce over 40 images.  

About the artists

Peng Liu is Assistant Professor at Faculty of Humanities and Arts, Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST)Apart from practice working with wide range of mediums, he writes academic journal articles and book chapters in the field of Culture studies and Visual Culture, with a focus on the notion of embodiment. 

Lan Lan is Senior Lecturer at School of Fashion, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT). Her research area is in Fashion education studies. She received her Master degree in Womens Ware at London College of Fashion.