Martin Kay, Domestic Isolation, 2020
The new (ab)normal

Martin Kay

Before this COVID-19 period I was organising group listening/recording performances in various spaces, where I recorded and played back the sounds of people observing moments of relative ‘silence’ with one another from a range of both traditional and obscure acoustic perspectives.

During this lockdown/semi-lockdown period, I have been forced to shift my practice somewhat inwards and concentrate on my own domestic situation and the ways it can be considered through sonic mediation.

Domestic Isolation will function as an online public diary of these considerations.
A new recording will be uploaded each Monday for the duration of the exhibition.

Listen to Domestic Isolation updates.

Martin Kay, Domestic Isolation, 2020

About the artist

Martin Kay is a sound recordist who primarily utilises unmixed and unedited environmental sound recordings to create audio montages and compositions that explore the intersection of architecture, acoustics, social dynamics and place. Kay’s works have been published through: 3LEAVES, AVANTWHATEVER, BCSC, and/OAR, Earwitness, Herbal, MOOZAK and Espaces Sonores.