Marlaina Read, Starlink 7 (excerpt), HD video with sound, 2 minutes 11 seconds. With Katelyn Clarke.
The new (ab)normal

Marlaina Read

Time has shifted, and I find myself awake odd hours. It is strange, but beautiful to feel connection to the night sky. Early one morning, I saw lights traversing the sky. Military plane? Drones? A friend mentioned Starlink 7, a train of satellites launched in March. The train has now broken into two groups – the lights are further apart. They make several passes a day over Melbourne, sometimes in daylight, unobserved. There will be thousands more. Looking up at the sky at night was a calming act. How calm now, with these disruptive objects of connection and surveillance falling like stars. 

Marlaina Read, Starlink 7, 2020,HD video with sound, 2 minutes 11 seconds. With Katelyn Clarke. 

About the artist

Marlaina Read is a practice-led PhD candidate at RMIT University. Her research examines human animal relations, ocean imaginaries and women’s ecological knowledge in small boat fishing communities. Her wider practice uses site-specific installation, textiles, photography, sound and film to explore strange and feminist ecology, place marking, labour and ritual.