Lesley Turnbull, 2020, Archer (excerpt), video, duration: 2.07
The new (ab)normal

Lesley Turnbull

Delving deep into my archive of undeveloped film and video, I reluctantly unearth residual sorrow lurking around in my heart.  

Meaning is changing; the rivers still flow; the laws of gravity still exist.  

Last time we spoke your face was chapped red and wet from fallen sleet.  As you turned to walk away, a flock of squawking gulls arched their way across winters flat white sky. I watched you catch the bus; the steamed-up glass doors suctioned and closed behind you.   

That’s it then. That’s us.   

I’m aware of my freezing clenched hands, and how they sting as I stuff them inside my pockets.  I catch my breath as it blows out my mouth, like dry ice – I love that.   

Lesley Turnbull, Archer, 2020, video, duration: 2:07

About the artist

Through lens-based media – sequential, fragmented or otherwise, my work explores the transformative potential of landscapes, memory, and the ambiguity of gender.  I am interested in the ways visual representation contributes to our social and political understandings of identity and subjectivity, and as an artist locate myself within practical and theoretical spaces that allow for experimentation to develop new and resolved work.