Jude Worters, untitled/self portrait. Digital photograph. 50x70cms approx.
The new (ab)normal

Jude Worters

These last weeks of lockdown highlight for the majority just how unsettling a lack of freedom and human companionship can be. The warmth of a human presence or touch is missed and communication via our devices, whilst enabling staying in touch, is not quite the same thing. Everyone is living under the same restrictions, however when lives return to less stringent rules and enforced isolation is no longer a daily infringement on personal freedoms, it is worth considering that many people will still be living with social isolation due to old-age, poor mental-health, a lack of resources or incarceration. Social Isolation for some doesn’t necessarily end with the demise of Covid. Spare a thought. 

Jude Worters, untitled/self portrait. Digital photograph. 50x70cms approx. 

About the Artist

Jude Worters is a Melbourne based artist currently engaged in PhD Research in the School of Art. Worters completed her Masters of Fine Art in 2016 at RMIT. Prior to commencing this study, Worters taught art at The Council of Adult Education VCE College, 2000-2015.