The new (ab)normal

Jennifer Conroy-Smith

Covid-19 has been a time of reflection for me. I’ve developed a new body of work which has been time consuming due to technical demands, but positively engrossing, and in itself, a meditative process. Exploring themes of the body, the breath, and how we connect with one another, forms coexist between a vital balance of cavernous, curved porcelain, and the existence of enfolded negative space. Space and mass are treated equally, with an integral interplay of voids encased within contorted porcelain. The porcelain skeletal forms are suspended in the kiln to allow autonomous movement during their firing cycle. Each piece connects into one another, forming a fragile tension of the balance needed to maintain equilibrium.

About the artist

Jennifer Conroy-Smith is a British Artist specialising in porcelain, ​predominantly creating site specific installations and sculpture.Drawn to porcelain for its purity of colour and its ability to transmit luminance, ​investigations explore light, shadow and movement through attenuated tactile forms.By working the porcelain into paper thin forms, Jennifer explores the dichotomy of the porcelain’s strength with its delicate aesthetic.