Guang Hui Huang, Yin Ji, 2019, Photography, 101.6 X 67.73 cm
The new (ab)normal

Huang Guanghui

The outbreak has changed many people’s lifestyles. Although it has brought a lot of inconvenience, there is a short pause in the often busy life. People have time to calm down and think about things that are not usually noticed, and have a deeper understanding of the world. 

Nature is the best painter. Through the precipitation of history, things exhibit rich brushstrokes and texture. This kind of gift from nature needs to be displayed in a photographic way to reflect the performance of time and space.

The triple realm of meditation: at the beginning of meditation, seeing mountains is mountains and seeing water is water; when Zen is enlightened, seeing mountains is not mountains and seeing water is not water.

About the artist

Dr. Huang Guanghui is currently an assistant professor at the School of Humanities and Arts, Macau University of Science and Technology, and the director of design and art courses. She has served as a director of the China Industrial Design Association, a member of the Design and Education Committee of Guangdong Province, and a deputy secretary general of the Macao Higher Education Development Promotion Association.