Fluer Summers, 2018, Walking in the Studio, video, 3 minutes
The new (ab)normal

Fleur Summers

During the lockdown, I’ve been working in my studio in the backyard of my old house in Coburg. It’s full of old sculptures, models and materials I’ve collected. It’s a glorified shed underneath a huge Kurrajong tree that’s pushed the studio sideways upsetting the angles of the room. There’s a possum in the ceiling that’s active in the evening and scratches around. I’ve spent many hours alone here making work but now I’m teaching my students and meeting with other staff online in the studio. It feels like my worlds have collided and condensed into a single, now timeless, space. 

Fleur Summers, Walking in the Studio, 2018, video, 3 minutes

About the Artist

Fleur Summers works in a range of media but is primarily focused on sculpture. She is interested in making work that both enduring and material but is also participatory or performative. Her most recent work, Making Sense, is a public commission at Jewell Station which invites touch and community connections.