Daniel R Marks, 2020, Leżąca Postać: Limit-Forensics, video, 17 minutes 18 seconds.
The new (ab)normal

Daniel Marks

Leżąca Postać: Limit-Forensics was developed as an experimental live performance, over a 6-day Instagram-based residency program. The residency platform, Dual Existence (@dualexistence), is an ongoing project by Kate Stodart. As a platform for hosting performance art practice, this project queries the translation of performance art to social media space during the COVID-19 lockdown. For my contribution, I worked with a collection of assets including “surveillance footage” of a private performance and an evolving accumulation of subtitles. Taking interest in Instagram’s emphasis on the vertical feed, Leżąca Postać was realised as an ever-stacking tomb of visual, audio and didactic data-layers. 

Daniel R Marks, Leżąca Postać: Limit-Forensics, 2020, video, 17 minutes 18 seconds.

About the artist

Daniel R Marks is a Melbourne-based artist working across modes of expanded/post-singularity performance. They are undertaking a PhD at RMIT University, through which they are researching the diagrammatic spatialisation of performance-artefact as queer potential. They have shown work at BLINDSIDE, Trocadero Art Space, First Site, Testing Grounds and Schoolhouse Gallery.