Angela Singer, "Garden" (2001).
    Barbara Dover, "Barrier'" (2003).
    Bruce Armstrong, "Bette Noir" (2006).
    Lisa Roet, "Chimpanzee Hands" (2005).


The Idea of the Animal

12 Aug 2006 -
18 Nov 2006

RMIT Gallery
Victoria, Australia


Animals: in all their guises, from beloved pet to prawn-on-the-barbie, it is indisputable that animals occupy an important part of human life.

The Idea of the Animal is a new exhibition presented by RMIT Gallery and the Melbourne International Arts Festival which investigates the complex relationship between humans and animals in contemporary visual culture.


Participating artists include:


  • Karen Abernethy (AUS)
  • Bruce Armstrong (AUS)
  • Joseph Beuys (Ger)
  • Jazmina Cininas (AUS)
  • Peter Cole (AUS)
  • Barbara Dover (AUS)
  • Marian Drew (AUS)
  • Hubert Duprat (Fr)
  • Peter Ellis (AUS)
  • Katrin Isabel Ernst (AUS)
  • Hayden Fowler (AUS)
  • Rew Hanks (AUS)
  • Kristin Headlam (AUS)
  • Kate James (AUS)
  • Nicolas Lampert (USA)
  • Linda Marrinon (AUS)
  • Kevin Mortensen (AUS)
  • David Noonan (AUS)
  • Selina Ou (AUS)
  • Diego Perrone (Italy)
  • Simon Perry (AUS)
  • Patricia Piccinini (AUS)
  • Lisa Roet (AUS)
  • Anne Ross (AUS)
  • Joan Ross (AUS)
  • Paul Ryan (AUS)
  • Angela Singer (NZ)
  • Kathy Temin (AUS)
  • Jenny Watson (AUS)