Nick Mourtzakis, 'Brewery & Silos' (2004).
    Nick Mourtzakis, 'Building with Trees' (2005).
    Nick Mourtzakis, 'Corio Bay' (2005).
    Nick Mourtzakis, 'Urban Landscape' (1998).


Slow Burn: The Art Of Nick Mourtzakis

4 Jul 2005 -
23 Jul 2005

RMIT Gallery
Victoria, Australia


Curator: Suzanne Davies

Slow Burn features a selection of exquisitely refined paintings and drawings.

At a time when many contemporary artists have adopted the role of production designer rather than maker, Mourtzakis is an artist who revels in the role of material creator. His drawings have been described as works of subtle intricacy and arresting stillness, and his paintings so honed that they function as icons of our urban and industrial environs. Mourtzakis works within the traditional genres of painting and drawing: portraiture, figure drawing, still-life, interiors and landscape