Radical Utopia

Melbourne in the 1980s was the site for new ideas to emerge, bend and transform the city, making its mark in post-modern design and media. Radical Utopia: an archaeology of a creative city explores the ways design and activism shaped the innovative cultural city we know today.   

Radical Utopia focuses on the studios, places, and spectacles of Melbourne where design was fiercely debated and produced. Surveying nightclubs, fashion parades, architecture media, gaming labs, graphic design collectives and everything in-between, Radical Utopia provides a map of the cultural infrastructure of the city and inner suburbs.  

Curators: Harriet Edquist and Helen Stuckey

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Event2 Mar 2023

Opening Celebration: Radical Utopia

Opening Celebration, Radical Utopia Join us for the opening night of RMIT Gallery’s exhibition Radical Utopia on Thursday 2 March. Kerstin Thompson, Principal and Director,…

Event3 Mar 2023

Curatorial Talk | Radical Utopia

Curatorial Talk with Harriet Edquist and Helen Stuckey Fri 3 March, 12:30pm at RMIT Gallery Join Curators Helen Edquist and Helen Stuckey…

Event17 Mar 2023

Panel | Queer in the city: 1980s clubs, fashion and queer culture in Melbourne

Queer in the city: 1980s clubs, fashion and queer culture in Melbourne Friday 17 March from 12:30PM – 1:30PM at RMIT Gallery…