Gun Shy, 'I’m Ready' Jacket, Cirque de Merde AW18. Photographer: The Furies. Model: Sam Carew-Reid; MUA/SPFX: Lou McLaren; Stylist: Rose Chong Costumiers; Accessories: Alexandra Blak; Model Undergarments: Bryn Meredith.


Pleasure & the Grotesque: Decorating Bodies 1980s to Now

29 Nov 11:00am -
7 Mar 5:00pm

RMIT Gallery
Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC, Australia


Julian Goddard, Helen Rayment & Evelyn Tsitas

One one hand there is pleasure – satisfaction, enjoyment and bodily expression.  And there is the grotesque, which in modern art directly ties into debates about representation, as artists push beyond established boundaries and challenge the status quo, exploring, expanding, and embellishing the human body.

From decoration and fashion, to more permanent enhancement, Pleasure & the Grotesque explores how artists and designers have used the body as a personal and at times political canvas from the flamboyant 1980s to contemporary times.


Artists including Frances Cannon, Kate Durham, William Eicholtz, Leah Emery, Judith Glover, Gun Shy, Kate Just, Mithu Sen, Vipoo Srivilasa, TextaQueen, Patricia Untario, Paul Yore, Robert Pearce, Preston Zly