HYPE: Fashion, Art and Advertising

A joint project of the 1998 Woolmark Melbourne Fashion Festival and RMIT Gallery, Hype explores the role of exaggerated presentation within the fashion industry and the relationship between fashion and contemporary art practice.


Artists: Bjork, Susan Cohn, Kate Durham, Parfums Jean Paul Gaultier, Lisa Grocott, Sarah Harmarnee, Peter Hennessey, Bill Henson, Katerina Jebb, Calvin Klein, Maria Kozic, Mambo Promotional Material, Christopher Langton, Baz Luhrmann, Mooks, Mariko Mori, Patricia Piccinini, Michael Pogia, David Rosetzky, Jacinta Schreuder, Justin Smith, Lyndal Walker and W&LT.

Exhibition conceived by Mark Pennings and Justin Clemens.