Klaus Rinke, 'Rettung' (life saving) (1993).
    Philip Samartzis, 'Incandescent lamps'.
    Georgina Read, 'Mis- fortune'.


Heat: Art and climate change

12 Sep 2008 -
18 Oct 2008

RMIT Gallery
Victoria, Australia


Curators: Dr Linda Williams, Suzanne Davies & Sarah Morris

This exhibition includes Australian and international artists working in a diverse range of media to demonstrate how contemporary international art practice is responding to the impacts of climate.

Heat: Art and Climate Change is a major international art exhibition curated by Dr Linda Williams (Senior Lecturer in Cultural History Theory, Research Leader- Arts and Sustainability, School of Art), Suzanne Davies (Director and Chief Curator, RMIT Gallery) and Sarah Morris (Exhibitions Coordinator, RMIT Gallery).

In addition, there will also be a symposium ‘Cultures of Sustainability’ on Friday 27 September.



  • Max Eastley and David Buckland
  • Bonita Ely
  • Rew Hanks
  • Ash Keating and the 2020? Project
  • Janet Laurence
  • Sam Leach
  • Tony Lloyd
  • Anne Noble
  • Jill Orr
  • Simon Perry
  • Greg Pryor
  • Georgina Read
  • Martin Rieser
  • Klaus Rinke
  • Cameron Robbins
  • Philip Samartzis and Michael Vorfeld
  • Roslyn Taplin
  • Mark Wilson and Bryndís Snæbjörnsdóttir
  • Ken Yonetani