Hannah Höch: Collages

Hannah Höch: Collages gives insight into the life and work of this artist, presenting a selection of important collages created over a period of more than five decades.


The use of photomontage was an art form Höch remained true to for her entire life.  She was in fact, the main influential figure in its development in the 21st century, together with Raoul Hausmann. Without subscribing to a set program, Höch opens up evocative and irritating picture worlds through the manifold combination of contradictory sequences, using cut-outs from magazines, brochures and photographs.


Her criticism of the political situation and gender roles, handed down for generations is subtly cloaked in hallucinatory flat representations and grotesque scenes of absurd hermaphrodite beings and hybrids.


Presented by the Goethe Institut. Concept and selection: Gotz Adriani