Grooves on the Green: Contemporary Visions of Electronic Dance Music- a White Night Melbourne event

This event explores contemporary electronic dance music and its associated cultures and technologies.

RMIT Gallery is throwing open its centre stage (“The Green”) at Music, Melbourne & Me to students from the University’s School of Media and Communication for an exploration of contemporary electronic dance music and its associated cultures and technologies.

As a university art gallery, with a history of working across disciplines and of approaching different ideas, we will be presenting within the gallery space an exciting late night event of electronic dance music by University PhD candidates. This immersive experience into one aspect of popular music will showcase the inventiveness of the exhibition design and allow audiences to experience the emotional and mind-changing nature of music and sound.

Featuring exclusive live performances by Josh Batty & Mitch Nordine (MindBuffer), Martin Koszolko (Philosophy of Sound), and Garth Sheridan (unsoundbwoy), the event will be an opportunity to see some of Melbourne’s leading electronic music producers in action.

As well as providing a unique soundtrack to White Night 2014, they will also discuss the inspirations and motivations behind their work, as well as the research projects in which they are currently engaged, in conversation with RMIT lecturer and electronic dance music researcher Ed Montano.

This will be an evening of new sounds, new technologies and new visions. With styles ranging from nu-disco and house to kuduro and IDM, the event will showcase the sonic diversity and global diffusion of contemporary dance music. By staging the event in the exhibition space, the past will be juxtaposed with the present.

The timeless representations of what has been will come up against the tantalising sounds of what will be. New performance and audio-visual technologies will provide a seductive glimpse into the future. Come along to have your senses awakened and your body shaken.


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