Audiovisual artist MindBuffer (who illuminated Storey Hall in 2016) team up with world renowned digital artist Andy Thomas to flood the building’s façade with a mind bending audio reactive display.

Ectoplasm features the visceral aesthetic of MindBuffer alongside Thomas’ synthetic infusion of organic systems. It is a supernatural viscous substance exuding from the clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells leading to the manifestation of spirits. Watch it unfold.



Interview with MindBuffer

Audiovisual artists MindBuffer, who illuminated Storey Hall in 2016 with their custom projection mapping technology have teamed up with world renowned digital…


White Night 2017 | RMIT University

RMIT Gallery was right in the thick of Melbourne’s White Night 2017 event.

Girlie Werewolf Project by Jazmina Whitenight (2017)

Exhibition18 – 19 Feb 2017

What Big Teeth You Have

“What big teeth you have” is a light show with bite emerging from the façade’s suffragette hues to form billboard-sized sentinels of…

Chris Henschke, Song of the Phenomena, 2016.

Exhibition18 – 19 Feb 2017

Last night of Morbis Artis: Diseases of the Arts from sunset to sunrise

What constitutes life, what counts a sentient being, and who gets to determine what lives are saved, punished, exploited and destroyed? Step…