Domains: Contemporary Israeli Design

Israeli designers show no boundaries.

A staircase with no support, innovative lighting and other intriguing designs will be on show for the first time in Melbourne when an Israeli contemporary design exhibition comes to RMIT Gallery next month.

The ‘Domains – Contemporary Israeli Design’, curated by Nirith Nelson includes some of Israel’s most talented designers. The designs are based on everyday items. Sharon Polishuk, from the Israel Embassy, in Australia, said the exhibition allowed Israeli design to be appreciated on a global scale. “The unique aesthetic of Israeli design in terms of Jewish diaspora influence as well as the development of this aesthetic with ‘no boundary’, or a new country with no ‘rules’, is behind the development of the design movement,” Mr Polishuk said.

RMIT Gallery director Suzanne Davies said the exhibition aims to increase awareness of Israeli design and to underscore the lively dialogue between designers globally. Thirteen designers showed their works during the exhibition. In designer Hagai Harduff’s work ‘Staircase with no support’, he shows a modular staircase supported only by the shape and support of the stair, instead of the traditional frame. Raviv Lifshitz couples the recycling process with the ready-made, transforming daily items like umbrellas or ironing tables into one-off pieces.  Lifshitz gives the objects a new identity. Adi Marom contemplates the idea of the mini-house with a minimalist, flexible approach, taking a playful look at the problem of space in the transitory residences of the 21st century.


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