Black Abstract

Black Abstract presents the work of renowned artists Ada Bird and Gloria Petyarre, Anmatyarr custodians who have painted the stories, symbols, patterns and their country Anungra for over 20 years.

Black Abstract continues the dialogue for people across great distances. The exhibition brings country from the central desert across lands and waters, to connect with Victorian audiences and communities.

This exhibition looks to define a sense of place and identity by affording the viewing audience greater access and understanding of Australian Indigenous art. The exhibition does not consider Aboriginal art to contain abstract meaning, rather, a more literal relationship between land, time, and artists’ story.


New Abstraction

Exhibition1 May – 9 Jun 2007

New Abstraction RMIT 1965-1985: Leonard Crawford, George Johnson, Grahame King

Crawford, Johnson and King were central to the advancement of non-objective art in Melbourne in the post-war decades. They shared international modernists’…

Klaus Rinke

Exhibition11 Jul – 23 Aug 2008

Klaus Rinke’s recent drawings: Rhine • Ruhr • Loire • Danube • Pacific • Connection • Re-Australia

Klaus Rinke forged his reputation as a leader of the avant-garde in Germany, using his own body as a measure of space…