Writing & Concepts series + performance artist Queenie Bon Bon

Being in my body and other peoples

In this Writing & Concepts series talk, performance artist Queenie Bon Bon speaks about creating work that explores sex work, criminalisation, labour, and the body, and looking at how the narrative structure of their journey is carved out through connections to others’ bodies.


About the artist:

Queenie Bon Bon is a sex worker, writer and activist.

Their work takes shape in the form of writing, performance and image based work that explores how we connect to the body, intimacy and criminalisation. Focusing on their lived experience as a sex worker, they look at what spaces exist for intimacy and who has access to this.

Their work focuses on labour and the body. They have created four full length shows and toured in Australia, Europe and North America. Bon Bon’s work has been featured on Locanto, Backpage and in Maximum Rock and Roll and The Lifted Brow. Bon Bon is a member of Australian sex worker art collective Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free. Bon Bon lives and works in Narrm/Birraranga/Melbourne.

Image: Queenie Bon Bon, Deeply Leisured Wear – A Coat for All Occasions, 2015.



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