Image by Denby Smith


The Upload – an immersive work by (((20hz)))

8 Feb 12:00pm -
23 Mar 10:00pm

RMIT Gallery
Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC, Australia


Book your ride in The Upload by (((20hz))) and be transported into the dystopian world of The Model Citizen.

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From harvesting the data of the dead to hybrid bio robot citizens, the high stakes are explored in The Model Citizen, a compelling new exhibition at RMIT Gallery (8 Feb – 23 March).

The Upload – a new work by (((20hz))) – will run as The Model Citizen satellite event, allowing audiences to immerse themselves in a scenario which has an insidious contractual undertone…

If your information is eternal, through the easy assignment of some simple rights, the transition from the physical to the metaphysical can start immediately. 

For only the minimal price of disembodiment, Model Citizens can now contemplate the wonderful benefits of immortality. 

The Upload uses eyelid strobes, vibration and movement in order to immerse individual participants in a richer reality. It features the tense, yet beautiful electronic soundscapes of sound designer and composer Mitchell Waters (RMIT Audiokinetic Experiments Lab).

 About (((20hz)))

(((20hz))) are a group of composers, musicians and sound designers exploring the psychophysiological mechanics of emotion and attention in multisensory experience.(((20hz)))  have exhibited works at the NGV, RMIT Gallery, White Night, Experimenta, Liquid Architecture, Geelong after Dark and Scienceworks.

Previous immersive narrative works by (((20hz))) using 4D cinema seating include numbers_station (Melbourne Music Week) and Fur Can’t Fly (RMIT Gallery’s My Monster exhibition). These immersive experiences were so popular there were often queues – so don’t forget to book your seat! for The Model Citizen experience – The Upload.

Warning: (((20hz))) uses eyelid projection, vibration and movement.

Image by Denby Smith.