Contemporary hybrids: Ronnie van Hout – artist talk

Melbourne based, New Zealand artist Ronnie van Hout’s art shocks, bewilders, unnerves and amuses. He has been called a ‘master of slapstick existentialism’, and references sci-fi and horror, cults and conspiracy in his work.

It’s now your chance to hear from van Hout himself about his inspirations, practice and the monstrous.

Ronnie van Hout’s artist talk is part of the My Monster: The human animal hybrid (29 June – 18 August) exhibition at RMIT Gallery, to be opened by cinema historian Barbara Creed on Thursday 28 June at 6 pm.

In her short essay for the 2015 exhibition The Dark Pool Creed noted that van Hout “brings back to life what the past has repressed, those things that trouble and disturb the unconscious. Ronnie van Hout’s images speak so eloquently to the uncanny.” (Andrew Stephens, SMH, 2015)

Curated into this year’s Hyper Real at the National Gallery of Australia, The Guardian arts writer Van Badham said of van Hout’s work “the smoking, drinking, pyjama-wearing child-adults on toilets delivers the precise kind of “creepy and weird” vibe the artist admits to me has fascinated him since his own liminal adolescence.” (The Guardian Oct 2017)

Images: courtesy of Ronnie van Hout.



Exhibition29 Jun – 18 Aug 2018

My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid

My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid explores our enduring fascination with the merging of the human and animal, and coincides with the…