Bruised: Art Action and Ecology in Asia – Art & Gentle Activism | Panel Discussion

Like planners, politicians and entrepreneurs, artists and curators have also swelled the ranks of activists and conscious citizens.

Join us for a panel discussion at RMIT Gallery as part of the Bruised: Art Action and Ecology in Asia exhibition, which examines how artists are using creative actions to open discussions around food sustainability and production, environmental catastrophes and human migration in our region.

In this panel, curators, artists and researchers will look at the different styles of environmental activism and engagement when it comes to making an impact on the pressing issues in our region.

In response to the rapid change in the region, artists in Asia are producing work that explores in many surprising and creative ways issues such as urbanisation and displacement, as well as environmental change.


Dr Alban Mannisi: Landscape Urbanist and senior academic, RMIT

Yu Fang Chi: Taiwan-born jewellery artist

Dr Marnie Badham Artist and researcher, RMIT

Dr Tammy Wong Hulbert: Artist, Curator and Lecturer Curating Contemporary Art, RMIT


As Long We Can Import it, Why Bothered Planting? 2015, Elia Nurvista Installation (100 sacks of rice, print on cardboard, lighting and rice, silkscreen and embroidery on canvas), “High Water Exhibition”, Fukutake House, Shodosima, Japan. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Cemeti Art House

Bruised: Art Action and Ecology in Asia is part of the of ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2019 23 April–19 May, a socially-engaged festival of exhibitions, theatre works, keynote lectures, events and artist talks considering climate change impacts and the challenges and opportunities arising from climate change.




Exhibition12 Apr – 1 Jun 2019

Bruised: Art Action and Ecology in Asia

When it comes to ways in which artists address ecological issues, actions can be big or small – it’s the action that…