Animal Instinct: Rona Green artist talk

Celebrated printmaker Rona Green is a fancier of Egyptian art, science fiction, B-grade movies, secret societies, tattooing traditions, combat sports, subcultures and the animal kingdom. Of course her work had to be in the new RMIT Gallery exhibition My Monster: The human animal hybrid (29 June – 18 August).

Her street-wise, anthropomorphic prints, paintings, poppets and drawings explore ideas about the nature of individuality – and are both human animal, and animal human.

Green’s gives us a world where “dogs postulate as stand-over men, cats are villainous masterminds and rabbits become fierce cyber warriors.” (Bendigo Advertiser, 2017)

Join us for a discussion about the world of printmaking – cutting, carving, and treating, inking, pressing – and Green’s long fascination with the hybrid.


Image: Rona Green, Shitehawk vs. Dirck ‘Foo-Foo’ De Cock (detail), 2015. Hand coloured linocut. Photo courtesy of the artist.


Exhibition29 Jun – 18 Aug 2018

My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid

My Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid explores our enduring fascination with the merging of the human and animal, and coincides with the…