water + wisdom Australia India

water+wisdom Australia India explores the unknown beauty of the water and its strong connection with people throughout the history of both countries.

RMIT Gallery co-curator Helen Rayment gives us an overview on the exhibition – a collection of creative works by Australian and Indian artists, who shared their traditional knowledge of water. N’Ahweet Carolyn Briggs and Aunty Di Kerr, Elders of the Boonwurrung and Wurundjeri, together with Dr Justin Phillip, a researcher of the Australian Dingo, bring us the story of water as a lifeblood to the culture and language. Edinburgh artist Helen Tuulikki shares the ideas behind her audiovisual installation, inspired by the mnemonic landscapes of India and the relationships between river-systems and the human body, flows between gesture and sound.


Installation image. Glenda Nicholls ‘Milloo’ (Blue Net) (2015). Photo: Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery, 2017.


Exhibition 1 Dec 2017 – 10 Mar 2018

water + wisdom Australia India

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