Sadia Sadia – In Conversation with Evelyn Tsitas

8 March 2019

Sadia Sadia, with her installation Ghosts of Noise, 2019, RMIT Gallery

The conversation focus on ‘Ghosts of Noise’, Sadia’s immersive installation in The Model Citizen (8 Feb – 23 March) at RMIT Gallery.




  • September 2008 on the verge of a collapse of the global financial system, Sadia Sadia is the peak of an incredible career in moving images.
  • How we perceive the media noise around us, when it starts to be constant.
  • The media noise that we actually live without necessarily being conscious of.
  • The contrast between people who find silence comforting and people who find “ The Noise” comforting.
  • The idea of being constantly looked at as if under surveillance.
  • How difficult it is when you break somebody’s confidence and how difficult it is for them to reassemble it.
  • An artistic Dilemma: artists require isolation but need to be open.


Sadia Sadia: “My interest is in how people are emotionally affected by the immersive film art installations comprising sound and moving images, one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is seeing the complete and proper installation of my work Ghosts of Noise.”

“Ghosts of Noise is 20 channels of male and female newsreaders, Newscasters and correspondents. This is in fact a non gendered image, it comprises Men and women to create a ghost. A ghost of noise is ambivalent, it can be read in a whole across a whole spectrum of interpretations.” 

“I had started to internalize this level of noise and I found it really troubling because suddenly it was a phenomenon in my consciousness that was palpable.”