Garnkiny – Constellations of Meaning – curator talk

Anna Crane, co-curator of Garnkiny: Constellations of Meaning, examines how the works in this exhibition explore the rich and significant story Garnkiny Ngarranggarni (Moon Dreaming). This talk explores some ideas about how Dreaming stories work as ways of being, sharing, teaching, regulating and creating in Gija society and by extension in cross- cultural encounters in Australia to which stories have become central. Anna Crane has worked with Gija people on language and culture projects since 2005. She is joined by linguist Frances Kofod.


Installation image: Garnkiny. Photograph by Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery 2014.





Garnkirny du wardel du lalanggarrany du darndal – The Moon and the Star, the Crocodile and the Turtle

Exhibition 15 Sep 2014 – 8 Nov 2014

Garnkiny: Constellations of Meaning

This exhibition will include works by Gija artists, both past and present, which explore aspects of the rich and significant story Garnkiny…


Garnkiny: Constellations of Meaning

Garnkiny: Constellations of Meaning is an exhibition at RMIT Gallery that includes works by Gija artists, both past and present, which explores…