Artist Panel – What is a Model Citizen?

In this panel, artists Sean Redmond, Sadia Sadia, Lyn McCredden, Polly Stanton and David Cross address the twin conceits of The Model Citizen (8 Feb – 23 March) the current exhibition at RMIT Gallery.



Artist Panel – What is a Model Citizen?  (22-02-2019)

Highlights Discussed

● How modelling in art can create new forms of creative expression.
● The role that art plays in transforming the model citizen.
● The moral debate between poetic and political philosophy.
● How art can help us communicate within the public sphere.
● The Model citizen is a metaphor for the complexities of the world we live in.
● What and who is a Model Citizen ?

Sadia Sadia: “The work is part of a process that asks us to question our culture, the
processes of internalizing these types of noise, the meaning by which information was
delivered, the quantity of the delivery and the unspoken requirements of citizenship to listen.”

Polly Stanton: “My idea of modelling or citizenship was played out in this reimagining of what is not real, what’s true documentation and what’s modelling.”

Lyn McCredden: “Every choice we make has overt implications. It goes directly to our belief systems and our politics.”

David Cross :“It’s about trying to celebrate ideas of servitude and building a sense of lucidity with people you don’t know and so there is this sense of the potential of those words for a sort of intimacy but, a sense of trust at the same time to be unlocked those chains.”


Image: Sean Redmond, Sadia Sadia, Lyn McCredden, Polly Stanton and David Cross.

Photo credits: Wan Juno Xinyue, student of Communication at RMIT University.


Exhibition8 Feb – 23 Mar 2019

The Model Citizen

Are you a model citizen? Meet the micro lenses of surveillance and audit culture; the algorithm of benign search engines; the political…