RMIT Gallery Holiday Opening Hours

These eel traps were woven by master weaver and Gunditjmara artist, Aunty Connie Hart, and the blue net behind by Glenda Nicholls, whose practice in crafting nets started as a result of seeing ancestors in a vision and has inspired an on-going creative journey around river life. water+wisdom Australia India, installation image by Mark Ashkanasy, RMIT Gallery, 2017.

RMIT Gallery staff wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and New Year. 

The Gallery’s last day for 2017 is Friday 22 December.

The Gallery reopens on Tuesday 2 January 2018 when we invite everyone to the summer exhibition water+wisdom Australia India.

Featuring the work of Aboriginal and Indian artists, writers and researchers, water+wisdom Australia India (until 10 March) is an exciting new exhibition that creatively explores both customary knowledge and contemporary issues surrounding water.

K.R.Sunil #2
K.R. SUNIL Born Kodungallur, Kerala, lives Kerala India Chronicle of Disappearance – Documentation of vanishing water bodies in Kerala, 2016 Digital photograph Courtesy of the artist Commissioned by Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre


“What a  timely theme!  I  was struck by  a reference made by one of the Indigenous women elders who called the rivers “the veins of our mother.” Water and waterways are absolutely that important.  The dual  ideas of good water management and on the other hand, pollution and wastage is emphasised so beautifully and poignantly in the exhibition. 

“I was tossed between the beauty of the Indian water steps, community efforts to look after pools and the ravages to Queensland water resources – an opposing coming together of Indian and Australian water narratives. Loved the idea of the gods churning up the waters to create the nectar of immortality and saddened by the filthy foam of desecration seen in many of the filmed images.”  Kipps Horn

Aboriginal artists: Sandra Aitken,  Badger Bates, Paddy Bedford, Vicki Couzens, Hannah Donnelly, Connie Hart, Wanyubi Marika, Jennifer Mullett, Lorna Fencer Napurrula, Glenda Nicholls, Mandy Nicholson,  Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi,  Judy Watson,  Liyawaday Wirrpanda.

Indian artists: Ravi Agarwal, Lado Bai, Atul Bhalla, Vibha Galhotra, Bhavani G S, Djambawa Marawili, Parthiv Shah, Jangarh Singh Shyam, Cop Shiva, K.R. Sunil, Asim Waqif.

Join us on a free guided tour: Wednesdays from 12.30-1 pm. BOOK

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