Stay up late on 2 November & party with Experimenta Make Sense

Image Credit: Ella Barclay’s ‘Access Remote Fervour’ at RMIT Gallery. Photo by Soda_Jerk.

Join us for a special up-late session of Experimenta Make Sense at RMIT Gallery as we attempt to make sense of the world around us. We will have free drinks, music and a chance to talk to many of the artists in the exhibition. Come on in!

For one night only on 2 November from 6-9 pm, the Experimenta Make Sense exhibition will be activated in new ways to inspire audiences to interact and connect. Participate in artist-lead activities, experience technology-driven art designed to activate your senses, and enjoy performances from a range of artists experimenting with sound and light.

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Time displacement in Experimenta Make Sense: coming to grips with Antoinette J. Citizen’s wearable devices that investigate how we sense time. Installation image at RMIT Gallery by Mark Ashkanasy, 2017.

Musical performances and live projections by:

Gail Priest & Cat Full of Ghosts

Maria Moles & Jess Ramsey

Hyde (audio/visual)

Interact with pop-up installations, presented in the gallery for the first time, including:

Steve Berrick’s Hello Future Self – a participatory drawing project that transforms your hand-drawn artworks into a live animated scene

Antoinette J Citizen’s Apparatus and Method for Time Displacement (DEVICE 001) – a wearable device that allows you to visualise your own personalised perception of time.

About the artists

Gail Priest is a Sydney-based artist with a multi-faceted practice in which sound is the key material of communication and investigation. Her work spans solo electro-acoustic performance and recordings, soundtracks for dance, theatre and video, and gallery installations.

Robert D Jordan is a sound designer, VJ and the product designer and engineer behind Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics (CFOGE). Based in Melbourne, CFOGE creates experimental audio and video hardware made with custom-designed PCBs that are used by artists, producers and creatives around the world. CFOGE has a focus on designing new modes of interacting live with audio and video, creating new ways to play, manipulate and control sound and

Maria Moles’ (Mondo Flockard) second solo release continues down a path of verbed-out jazz, metallic ambience and grinding electro-acoustics, in tighter and more compact forms than her previous venture on Terranean Recordings.

Jess Ramsey’s background is in sculpture and interactive design. Her video and installation practice is inspired by technology and inhabited three dimensional spaces. Most recently she has been exploring 3D modelling software and creating augmented reality tests. Jess has created work for Melbourne Music Week, Haul Music, Stable Music, The Operatives, the State Library of Victoria, the Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Soulection, and The Substation to name a few.

Hyde (Jim Sellars) is an audio-visual artist based in Melbourne. He was name-dropped on Channel 7’s “My Kitchen Rules”, accidentally streamed a Seinfeld DVD in a Boiler Room set, and was once booed while supporting Flume. In 2016, Sellars released “Ox Hill” on underground-championing label Nice Music, described as “impossibly creating dazzling space to fall into, where there perhaps should be none.” A live performance of found sounds, smears of texture and turbulent rhythm provides a soundtrack to a visual screening, mimicking an intimate and amorphous 3:30am-esque YouTube rabbit-hole.

Experimenta Make Sense is an interactive exhibition of media art at RMIT Gallery until 11 November.

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