Sina Trinkwalder: striving to create a better world, not just profits

sina_062016_2-10x15cm_copyright Sina Trinkwalder
Sina Trinkwalder founded Germany’s social textile business Manomama

Fast fashion has attained the status of an economic success model which earns its profits at the expense of ecological and social systems, and it is among the sectors responsible for disastrous working conditions and below-subsistence-level wages.

How can the textile industry empower its employees, and how can our economies function in a more social way?

On Thursday 17 August 1-2 pm, German social entrepreneur Sina Trinkwalder will be speaking at RMIT Gallery about fashion as a social business.

Her talk is presented by RMIT Gallery/Goethe-Institut as part of the provocative new exhibition Fast Fashion: The dark side of fashion(21 July – 9 September).

From the ground up, Trinkwalder created Manomama, a textile company with more than 100 employees that continues to set high measures in terms of fairness and cleanliness. Trinkwalder received the 2011 Social Entrepreneur award for her business, which provides training for those that would otherwise have difficulties on the job-market (such as the elderly, single parents, and former temporary workers) and is known for its horizontal hierarchies as well as its focus on local supply chains and social engagement.

Yet it was an uphill battle – Manomama didn’t receive any assistance from state-sponsored business development programs, and no bank was willing to give her a loan. Even though the German textile industry has long been in decline, Manomama has both a solid customer base and Trinkwalder strives to create a better world, not just profits.

What: Sina Trinkwalder on fashion as a social business

When: Thursday 17 August 1-2 pm

Where: RMIT Gallery, 344 Swanston Street, Melbourne

Bookings: free – click here for tickets


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