RMIT Gallery open on Sunday 13 August 10-4 pm – RMIT Open Day

Are you or someone you know interested in studying at RMIT?

If you are going to RMIT’s Open Day on Sunday 13 August, be sure to come into RMIT Gallery to see our popular exhibition Fast Fashion: the dark side of fashion.

In fact if you are one of our regular visitors, take advantage of Open Day this Sunday (10-4 pm) to see the exhibition.

Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion, held in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, explores the dark side of a fashion industry fuelled by mass consumerism.

In response, the optimistic Slow Fashion Studio (images above) presented by RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles, explores new fashion practices by young designers aiming to bring about positive change.

What: Fast Fashion: The Dark Side of Fashion

When: Special opening – Sunday 13 August (RMIT Open Day)

Times: 10-4 pm



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