RMIT Gallery will unleash 50 human rabbits today on the CBD at 12 noon!!!

Here are the human rabbit masks! (left to right) Mr Juan Carlos Gafo Acevedo, Consul General of Spain in Melbourne and Ciro Marquez, member of Spanish collective mmmm…

Why? It’s street art. It’s – somewhat political, very much social and perhaps…a little feral.

It’s – human rabbit street action – brought to Melbourne by Spanish collective mmmm….

They have been making street actions like this across the globe since 1998. Now they are making one for Melbourne as part of their eponymous exhibition mmmm…at RMIT Gallery (21 July – 9 September)

The street action will begin from the steps of RMIT Storey Hall, 344 Swanston Street on Friday 28 July at 12 noon until 2 pm.

Spanish art collective mmmm…has been producing art in public spaces since 1998, around the globe, and now it’s Melbourne’s turn. 

The Madrid based collective are in Melbourne to launch their provocative street action and have chosen rabbits to highlight issues of invasion, intruders, and who has the right to be in Australia – or not.

Even the Spanish Consul General is taking part!

Read more RMIT media release.

What: Human rabbits street action – by mmmm…

Where: Starting from RMIT Gallery,  344 Swanston Street, and continuing through the CBD

When:  Friday 28 July-12 noon until 2 pm

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