Ocean Imaginaries catalogue now available

The Ocean Imaginaries catalogue featuring photos by Mark Ashkanasy and essays by professor John Finnigan FAA and curator Associate professor Linda Williams, RMIT School of Art.

Though inland far we be,
Our souls have sight of that immortal sea
Which brought us hither.

William Wordsworth Intimations of Immortality (1804)

Get your copy of the Ocean Imaginaries catalogue at RMIT Gallery – out now ($10) and featuring essays by Professor John Finnigan FAA, CSIRO Marine Atmospheric Research and ANU Research School of Biology, and Ocean Imaginaries curator Associate Professor Linda Williams.

Williams writes: “The Romantic image of the ocean as a potent, almost limitless source of energy has been contradicted recently by countervailing imagery of the slow violence of ocean pollution; this pollution not only represents a risk to human interests but also to a diverse range of endangered marine creatures. Consequently, while the vibrant imagery of wild, pristine oceans still persists in contemporary culture, it is now often displaced by an imagery of pollution, destruction and potential catastrophe.”

With stunning photos by Mark Ashkanazy of work by artists Anne Bevan, Emma Critchley and John Roach, Alejandro Durán, Simon Finn, Stephen Haley, Lynne Roberts-Goodwin, Chris Jordan, Sam Leach, Janet Laurence, Mariele Neudecker, Joel Rea, Dominic Redfern, Debbie Symons, Jason deCaires Taylor, teamLab, Guido van der Werve, Chris Wainwright, Lynette Wallworth and Josh Wodak.

Professor John Finnigan FAA writes “In this wonderful exhibition artists have taken patterns of ocean life that science has revealed and they have made us see them anew.  Through the creative tension they have built between science’s cold equations and their own potent reimaginings, they have taken us one more essential step towards the time when sustainability will inform both our political choices and our personal behaviour.”

The Ocean Imaginaries exhibition closes 1 July – don’t miss it.



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