Don’t miss out: Last weeks of Ocean Imaginaries

Ocean Imaginaries closes on 1 July. Don’t miss out on this exhibition which has captured the imagination of audiences. They have filled the visitor’s book with their heart-felt responses.

‘The whole exhibition is astounding!’, ‘Thought provoking’, ‘Wonderful’, ‘Blows your mind’, ‘What a magical place’ and ‘Moving, compelling and inspiring!’

Curated by Associate Professor Linda Williams, RMIT School of Art, this international exhibition showcases the work of 20 artists who provide complex responses to global oceans in our era.

Listen to curator Linda Williams talk about Ocean Imaginaries

One highlight is Lynette Wallworth’s powerfully evocative fulldome video work Coral, Rekindling Venus, shown for the first time in an art gallery. Audiences are transported to the mysterious realm of fluorescent coral reefs, and provided with a glimpse into a magnificent environment threatened by climate change.

oceans letter 1

“Coral Rekindling Venus shows such awe inspiring beauty – how can we continue to pollute our oceans? I feel grateful to have viewed the exhibition but I feel also upset and angry and helpless about the situation…change has to happen. Thank you.”

Wallworth, who regularly attends the WEF, Davos as a Cultural Leader and mentors regularly at Sundance Labs, captivated a large audience at RMIT Gallery when she flew down from Sydney to speak of her own experience in how the arts can inspire action on climate change.


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