Under the dome: Immerse yourself in Coral, Rekindling Venus

Audiences experience Coral, Rekindling Venus, under the dome at RMIT Gallery. Photo by Mark Ashkanasy, 2017.

As part of the major international exhibition Ocean Imaginaries at RMIT Gallery, Coral, Rekindling Venus, Australian artist/filmmaker Lynette Wallworth’s major work for fulldome digital planetariums, is being shown for the first time in an art gallery.

Celebrated for her use of interactive technologies to create immersive installations, Wallworth’s work is a frameless meditation on the fragility and fascinating beauty of coral, taking audiences into the mysterious realm of fluorescent coral reefs, bioluminescent sea creatures and rare marine life living in the oceans most threatened by climate change.

Coral: Rekindling Venus refers to the acute need for international collaboration on a scientific challenge of our own era: how to prevent our coral reefs from further erosion by climate change and other anthropogenic stresses.

Ocean Imaginaries curator Linda Williams explains: “For some years Wallworth has worked with Dr Anja Salih, a marine biologist specialising in coral fluorescence, a collaboration that has enabled the artist to show how corals filmed at night capture and emit light in radiant colours.

“In this sense, her work enacts a kind of biomimicry: as the coral evinces its resistance to erosion as it channels light, so the viewer is momentarily transported by brilliant light and colour into the oceanic world as a realm of wonder.”

Wallworth’s immersive installations and films reflect connections between people and the natural world. She is at the frontier of the use of digital domes to enable a fully immersive space where art, technology, science and beauty can converge.

“My intent is to leave the audience with a sense of wonder for the complexity of the coral community and a deep-felt longing to see it survive,” said Wallworth.

Lynette Wallworth speaking to an audience at RMIT Gallery, with the fulldome video work Coral, Rekindling Venus, shown for the first time in an art gallery.

Wallworth regularly attends the WEF Davos as a Cultural Leader, and also mentors regularly at Sundance Labs.

Listen to the celebrated artist and TED Talk veteran talking about her work in this podcast of her floor talk at RMIT Gallery.

Part of CLIMARTE’s ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 – a festival of exhibitions and events harnessing the creative power of the Arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

Coral, Rekindling Venus
Lynette Wallworth’s immersive fulldome reef installation
Shown for the first time in an art gallery
Dates: 5 May – 1 July 2017
Times: Mon-Fri 11 am/ 5 pm/ Thurs 11 am – 7 pm/ Sat 12 noon – 5 pm
Venue: RMIT Gallery
Free – no bookings required

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