Vale Peter Corrigan AM – ‘maverick’ architect prepared to take risks

Architectural model, Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope, RMIT Gallery 2013. Installation image by Mark Ashkanasy

Vale Peter Corrigan AM – RMIT Architecture Professor and RAIA Gold Medal winning architect, well known for designing RMIT’s Building 8 – a campus landmark and city icon.

RMIT Gallery’s Cities of Hope exhibition in 2013 paid tribute to Corrigan’s creative achievements across architecture and set design, and explored his status as a ‘maverick designer’ prepared to take risks.

RMIT Gallery Director Suzanne Davies said her intrigue and respect for Peter Corrigan’s creative output and teaching made the idea of an exhibition immediately compelling both in the achievements of the architectural firm Corrigan and Edmond along with Corrigan’s work in theatre.

“Throughout, it is the voice and vision of Peter Corrigan, nudging, guiding, shaping, challenging, provoking, transforming, enabling and seducing, that we hear and see in all their contrarian passion.”

Installation image, Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope, RMIT Gallery, 2013. Image by Mark Ashkanasy.

Corrigan, who has passed away on 1 December 2016,  was a professor of architecture at RMIT since 1975. In 2013, the Institute awarded him the Neville Quarry Architectural Education Prize. Read more.

“I first became aware of Peter Corrigan’s energy and influence as a teacher at the time RMIT became publisher of the architectural journal Transition and then through his theatre work having been engaged to photograph a set and costumes,” Ms Davies said.

Peter Corrigan set design, Cities of Hope, RMIT Gallery 2013, photo by Mark Ashkanasy

Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope traced the creative focus of the remarkable Australian architect, bringing to life many of his designs over four decades including architectural models and drawings by Edmond and Corrigan; set and costume designs for theatre; artworks, records and notations from his personal collection and key works selected from public collections which have enriched his practice.

“Peter Corrigan always made it clear to RMIT Gallery the need to be mindful of historical context. He attended thoughtfully to most if not all our exhibitions.”

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