RMIT Gallery Images of Revolution film screenings start tonight

Tonight’s special evening screening of Rocky Road to Dublin at RMIT Gallery provides an important portrait of Ireland in the Sixties, and is part of the film program that complements the Irish exhibition Radical Actions.

As artists have always played a key role in shaping cultural identity, and given the far reaching repercussions of the 1916 Rising, RMIT Gallery and the Communication, Politics and Culture Research Centre present Images of Revolution – six films that reflect a deep commitment to social change and progressive politics.

Directed by Peter Lennon, with cinematography by Raoul Coutard,  Rocky Road to Dublin will be introduced by documentary maker David Muir ACS BSC. Event – Thursday 29 September 5.30-7.30 pm. Free – register here.

Encouraged by the controversy he had stirred with a series of newspaper articles and inspired by French ‘New Wave’ filmmakers, Dublin-born Peter Lennon, who worked in Paris as a journalist for a decade, revisited his native country in 1967 to make a film assessing the state of the nation.

Muir (pictured above, in orange) lived and worked in Europe in the 60s and 70s and was a colleague and close friend of cinematographer Raoul Coutard (above, black and white photo), who he describes as “as an independent ‘Radical’ in all ways”.

Lennon took the then young, now legendary, cinematographer Raoul Coutard with him and they created a provocative and revealing portrait of Ireland, a society characterised by a stultifying educational system, a morally repressive and politically reactionary clergy, a myopic cultural nationalism, and a government which seemingly knew no boundary between church and state.

Muir will talk about the Paris Lennon and Coutard left for Dublin, and Coutard as a radical in both use of camera and ideas.


Images of Revolution film program

On Thursday 6 October 5.30-6.30 pm, RMIT Gallery presents the Australian premiere of the provocative new Irish activist film Eat Your Children (dir. Treasa O’Brien & Mary Jane O’Leary) 2015. Bookings

With tastings from Dublin distillery Teeling Whiskey.


The screening of Eat Your Children has been generously sponsored by the EU Centre at RMIT. Guest speaker: Liam Ward, Associate lecturer, RMIT

Tuesday 11 October 1–2 pm


Michael, They’ve Shot Them (dir. Eoin Hahessy) 45 min. Australia. Book here 

Guest Speaker, Eoin Hahessy, film director.

Thursday 13 October 5.30–7.00 pm

Strikebound (dir. Richard Lowenstein) 1984. 101 min. Australia.Book here 

Guest Speaker, Richard Lowenstein, film director.

Thursday 20 October 5.30–7.30 pm

Indonesia Calling: Joris Ivens In Australia (dir. John Hughes) 2009. 90 mins. Australia. Book here 

Guest speaker: Adjunct Prof Dr John Hughes, film director.

Friday 21 October 1-2.30 pm

The Battle of Chile, Part 1: The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie (dir. Patricio Guzmán) 1975. 96 min. Chile. Book here 

Guest speaker: Dr Antonio Castillo, Director of the Centre for Communication, Politics and Culture, CPC, RMIT University.





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