Free ELISION concert – September 21 RMIT Storey Hall

(left to right) musician Daryl Buckley with visiting composers Matthew Sergeant and Timothy McCormack, at RMIT Gallery’s ELISION: 30 years exhibition.

The internationally renowned ELISION Ensemble will be performing in a free concert at RMIT Storey Hall on Wednesday 21 September from 6.30-8 pm.

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The Surface Project concert features Daryl Buckley, Peter Neville and Tristram Williams performing the world premiere of Timothy McCormack’s subsidence, as well as works by Aaron Cassidy, Matthew Sergeant and Richard Barrett.

This is a wonderful opportunity to see ELISION in concert in Melbourne. The Ensemble explore new ways of incorporating performative techniques into musical performance, making the contemporary classical music concert both visually and aurally exciting for audiences.

ELISION turns 30 years old this year. To celebrate, RMIT Gallery’s exhibition ELISION: 30 years (9 September – 22 October) features regular performances and talks, as well as The Surface Project concert performance. Read the full list of lunchtime performances and talks. 

‘ELISION cultivates an elaborate vocabulary of choreographic behaviour in sonic design’ said creative director, and founding member Daryl Buckley.

‘The Surface Project will showcase radical new techniques in performance.’

Audiences will be able to hear Aaron Cassidy’s The wreck of former boundaries, Matthew Sergeant’s terrains, Richard Barett’s Codex as well as Timothy McCormack’s subsidence. All works fall under the rubric of The Surface Project.

Buckley will play an electric lap-steel guitar, which combined with new tunings, new double slide techniques and a radical use of the bridge system to affect pitch alteration, will enable an exploration of the concept of ‘surface’ across the three works.

The Surface Project  will be premiered at RMIT on 21 September, in partnership with SIAL Sound Studios. It will then tour as part of the ELISION Ensemble’s ongoing appearances at the Harvard Music Department, Carriageworks, the Singapore Festival and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.



Andrew Ford, composer and presenter of The Music Show on Radio National, talks to ELISION creative director Daryl Buckley, and to composer Liza Lim. Listen now





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