Radical Actions: Irish artists join us at RMIT Gallery

Jesse Linda & Seamus
Radical Actions curator Linda Shevlin (centre) with artists Jesse Jones and Seamus Nolan, outside RMIT Gallery in Melbourne.

Curator Linda Shevlin and artists Jesse Jones and Seamus Nolan are in Melbourne for the opening of their exhibition Radical Actions on Thursday 8 September 6-8 pm, featuring Teeling Whiskey tastings. Join us!

On Friday 9 September from 1-2.30 pm, our Irish visitors will take audiences through the exhibition, and join Associate Professor Chris Hudson from RMIT’s Communication, Politics and Culture Research Centre to discuss responses to the 1916 Easter Rising 200 years on and the role of artists in imagining and reassessing national identities forged in revolution. Register here for tickets to the Images of Rebellion tour and talk.

Radical Actions (RMIT Gallery: 9 September – 22 October) curated by Linda Shevlin, features new and existing work by Kennedy Browne (Gareth Kennedy & Sarah Browne), Duncan Campbell, Jesse Jones and Seamus Nolan that explores the after effects of Irish independence and self-governance.

“The 1916 Commemoration should not be a time for soft words or a gazing backwards through a green-tinged prism at an idealised past,” said Shevlin.

Join us at RMIT Gallery for both events.


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