Japanese cosplay expert Goldy shares his skills at RMIT on 22 August

Japanese cosplay expert Goldy from the World Cosplay Summit, in his Mecha anime costume.

On Monday 22 August, renowned cosplayer, Takahiro (Goldy) Sakai, of the World Cosplay Summit will give a free public lecture at RMIT Brunswick to share the Japanese subculture of cosplay with Melbourne locals.

This is Goldy’s only appearance in Melbourne. If you are interested in costume design, prop making, Japanese subculture, cosplay and anime – don’t miss out!

Goldy, a costume and prop‐making expert from Japan, is a mecha (robot anime) expert. His speciality is recreating the armour of characters from Japanese manga and anime.

In this free public lecture, participants will see how cosplay has developed from a minor subculture into a new tool of cross‐cultural exchange worldwide and gain insight into Japan’s  tradition of fine craftsmanship. Read more.


Students who are registering as RMIT students will need to show valid ID at the door.

Register here

Goldy is coming to Australia under the “Japan Brand Program”, which the Japanese government created to promote intercultural understanding and introduce various aspects of Japanese culture overseas.

Goldy is appearing as a special guest at SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show), and has featured in the AnimeExpo in USA, MCM Expo in London, ROMICS in Italy, JapAniMangaNight in Switzerland, World Cosplay Summit, and many other events around the world. This is the only event he is doing in Melbourne.

RMIT Gallery is supporting Goldy’s lecture at the RMIT Brunswick campus.  RMIT Gallery has featured more than 20 exhibitions over the past 15 years with prominent Japanese artists who have shared their insights while visiting Melbourne during the exhibitions.

In 2011, Melbourne cosplayers added color to the RMIT Gallery exhibition Japan: Kingdom of Characters when they toured the show and attended the opening night in costume. Watch the video:



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